Dear proposed customer - member,

To whom this may concern,

Hello, I’m Michael I’m the drive behind the google map project. We have launched the product and will be calling all 539 golf clubs in South Africa, starting with the West Cape Clubs, after several months of analysis in this sector (Golfing in South Africa) and spending several more months in the development of my main website

What I've leant thru the process, is that there is a lack of current information, there are many listing websites, but they are stagnant, no way for the list tee to update their info, so these lists become outdated. The follow listing sites,, are no longer working or have been dissolved, as well as the South African golf tourist association (SAGTA)

It is time that the industry takes care of it self, by adopting an association environment that has the will of its members to assure its longevity, unlike listing companies that come and go. This move forward, will enhance the overall presentation of the Golfing industry locally and international

There is no point in starting an association without the will of the businesses involved, hence golfingsa is bringing the Google Map project to you, to get consent to update and manager google my business accounts, an account which allows you to update your google map marker, 90% of these account have not been claimed, lets act now and work together to reform this situation

Let’s start by introducing our google map project. To explain this to you we begin with a Question, what’s the problem with google map markers!

Before we start with our review of the problems, we must also thank google maps for the initial placement at no cost to you! It is up to you now.

  1. Missing map marker, could be a new business.
  2. The wrong type of marker, where another type of marker is used for the golfing industry.
  3. Wrong map marker depth, markers are placed at different depths, so as you zoom out, different markers appear, meaning that all golf course markers will be at the same level
  4. Map marker Info, Physical address numbers and other vital information missing. It is a space that 90% of all business's,  have not claimed
  5. Markers in the wrong place, not at the point of your business (club House) or property entry.
  6. Other map markers on your business space, i.e.  One of the Eastern Cape courses, has a wimpy bar on one of its fairways.

Let golfingsa. take over this task for you. We have taken the initiative to bring this to your attention; it is up to you to act, on our proposal to reform this situation.

For a physical look at the problem, click on any of the province's pictures, there are 5 example courses per province, once the google map is open, by clicking on each course name, you see examples and retrieve further information.

Depending on the response, we hope to start a new association called the South African golf course information association. With this in mind, the only objective of this association will be to help you keep information current on your google, my business account, website and any other social media or listing interfaces.

Thank you

Michael O’Connor